Once again a new blog – Raspberry Pi, Home Automation, etc.

Here I am, once again.

Looking back i figured out my last Blog post was at the 8th of October 2008 – thanks to archive.org. Thus it’s time for something new.

What this blog is about

In general it’s all about the geeky stuff I am interested in. Starting with little home automation projects on a Raspberry Pi, gadgets, web development, cameras and more.

Once in a while there could be a video. But to be realistic there is no aim of writing a specified amount of posts a week.

Raspberry Pi

I’ve used the Raspberry Pi since it came out for various little things. Always on the lookout for a fun new project that’s ideally useful.

First off I will blog about my roller shutter control based on CherryPy. It’s directly connected to the original remote control of the roller shutter engines. I am literally controlling the remote with my Raspberry Pi remote. Why? Stay tuned to find out. 😉


As a hobby photographer I love to bring my camera with me on travels around the world. Interested in different pictures I have converted a Sony Nex-3N to shot infrared pictures. I made a Video of how I tore it down, removed the unnecessary parts and got it back together. This video will be published soon, after I’ve done the editing.

Hope you enjoy the topics!

About me

#TODO: about me page

My Name is Xaver Ebner. Early adopter, student, web developer, techie and more.